A New York Reader Views His State's Politicians With Suspicion
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From: Henry McCulloch (e-mail him)

In its October 3rd story, the New York Times called recent raids in Nassau County a danger to residents and local police officers. [Raids Were A Shambles, Complains Nassau to U.S., By Nina Bernstein, New York Times, October 3, 2007]

If the Times story is accurate, it sounds like President Bush has indeed, as we have suspected, enlisted ICE in his campaign of selective, ham-handed "enforcement" of immigration laws to create propaganda video-bites for the Treason Lobby.

While Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff spins raids such as these as real enforcement, it's hard not to see them as a subterfuge to make us feel sorry for the poor, "persecuted" illegal aliens—and of course the unlucky legal residents and odd nominal citizen who get caught up in the leaky dragnet.

The only reason for these Department of Homeland Security raids is to generate unquestioning support for the Bush/Kennedy/McCain Destroy America Quick amnesty/guest worker plan, which Bush still hopes to inflict on America before his second term runs out.

Bush will stop at nothing to force his grand, sentimental Mexamerican future on the rest of us.

Two caveats to this story, though. The first and obvious one is the source: the hysterically pro-illegal alien/pro-mass immigration New York Times and its immigration-apologist reporter Bernstein.

The second is Nassau County's Executive, Thomas Suozzi, an up-and-comer in New York politics, portrayed by Bernstein as critical, but mildly so, of the DHS efforts.

Suozzi is a lawyer and a Democrat who cut his political teeth in his hometown, Glen Cove. He followed his father and grandfather as Glen Cove's mayor, ousted a long-standing and corrupt Republican machine in Nassau County government, and has his eye on either New York's state house—he opposed Eliot Spitzer in last year's Democratic primary to the outrage of New York's Democratic Party machine—or the U.S. Senate.

Having met Suozzi several times and heard him speak more times than I wanted, I can testify that he is a real smoothie. His success in rallying country club WASP Republicans to his side in his bid to oust the ethnic Republican Nassau County machine was a masterpiece of political and social triangulation—all the more remarkable since Suozzi is not a WASP, though he might pass for one if he changed his name.

Suozzi, as an Italian Democrat, is unusual these days in Long Island politics. Local pols of both parties are essentially liberals. Republicans tend to be nominally conservative and of Italian or Irish extraction while Democrats are aggressively liberal and overwhelmingly Jewish.

By bucking that trend, Suozzi's future campaigns may get votes from disaffected Republicans.

But you don't have to dig very deeply to discover Suozzi's position on the National Question.

Glen Cove, a once-prosperous small city on Long Island's North Shore, is now dilapidated and over-run by illegal aliens, mostly Mexican and Central American although the Orient, all the way from the Levant to Korea, is also well-represented.

Property taxes are very high, no doubt to underwrite the illegals who provide a cut-rate work force for the myriad contractors and yard service companies that blanket this part of the world—most with Italian names like Suozzi's.

During his turn in the Glen Cove mayor's office, Suozzi's contribution to dealing with the illegal alien invasion was to make life easier for both sides of the criminal equation.

Instead of cooperating with federal law enforcement (such as it is) and using the Glen Cove Police Department to clean up illegal alien squatting, Suozzi built a hiring hall so the contractors and the illegals could commit their felonies in air-conditioned comfort.

In coming years, Suozzi will probably be touted as a moderate and more reasonable alternative on immigration than the truly egregious New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. And so he is.

Just being better than Spitzer, however, falls very far short of being good. In his September 28th column, Joe Guzzardi was really far too polite about Spitzer, one of the nastiest creatures in politics today.

Nevertheless, New Yorkers should not be fooled by Suozzi's moderate front – he's merely another partisan of open borders.

McCulloch is a lawyer. Articles by and letters from him are here.

[Editor's Note: VDARE.COM has been onto Suozzi since 2001; read "Beautiful Losers" by William Froenhoefer here.]

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