A Liberal, Secular, Non-White Academic Has A Confession For VDARE
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From: A More Than Usually Anonymous Reader [Email]

Despite my disagreements with a substantial portion of what I read on VDARE.com, I do admit truth to an accusation about my field. I'm a non-white, liberal, social science PhD, and confess that there is tremendous censorship against conservative thoughts in so many aspects of academia. I can only apologize and say I speak out against this at times, but because of fearing negative consequences career-wise, I have to be ultra-careful.

What brought me to comment to you about this is that I gave a lecture to my students recently about the problem of judging the presence of discrimination based on unrepresentative outcomes.

When I was a Master's student many years ago, I was the only person of Indian ethnicity in the program. A friend of mine claimed this was due to racism.

I immediately fired back and said, "Indians are extremely overrepresented in STEM fields. Does that mean we are benefiting from racism? The reason there are few people like me is most our families don't push us into social science fields, but generally encourage STEM fields. The fact that I was the first person in my family tree to be born and raised in America, and also the first to pursue non-STEM suggests this has nothing to do with discrimination."

The reader requested complete anonymity.

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