A Legal Immigrant Asks If The Biden/Mayorkas “No Borders” Policy Is Now Being Applied In Airports
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From: A Legal Immigrant [Email him]

Is the Biden/Mayorkas “No Borders” policy being applied in airports?

I am an immigrant to the U.S. of over 30 years’ standing, almost all as a Green Card holder.

Fairly often I used to go overseas. Reentering the U.S. on a Green Card used to be a fairly problematic experience. Always the card was carefully compared with a computer list, sometimes one was asked to step aside to answer questions.

Last week, coming back after my first post-COVID trip, none of this occurred. My documents were glanced at for less than 5 seconds, no questions were asked at all, and I was waved through.

I asked a friend, a veteran traveller, was this usual now. He confirmed this, and also pointed out that baggage inspections seem to have been abolished. The whole exit process seems to be “Nothing To Declare“ in practice and no facilities for inspection seemed to be in place.

Would your readers perhaps confirm this?

Seeing the America I consciously volunteered to join so many years ago being deliberately destroyed is enraging.

Keep up your great work!  

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