A Reader From ProEnglish Notes That Hispandering GOP Leadership USED To Support Official English
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog post Nauseating House Leadership Hispandering Video: When Did Bilingualism Become GOP Policy?

From Suzanne Bibby [email her]

I just read Patrick Cleburne’s article on VDARE.com. I wrote the article that he linked to about the GOP leadership abandoning our highly popular (it had 122 bi-partisan cosponsors) official English bill during the last Congress. [See Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, Support Official English. Why Not GOP House Leadership?, February 2, 2012]

I just wanted to point out a very interesting factoid. Except for Boehner and Ros-Lehtinen every single one of the GOP Members of Congress in the video is a former co-sponsor of H.R. 997, the English Language Unity Act, to establish English as the only official language of the federal government. Cantor, McCarthy, Labrador, McMorris Rodgers, and even Diaz-Balart, if you can believe it.

Compared to that last Congress, we are really struggling to regain the level of cosponsors we had in the 112th Congress, and this whole GOP Spanish-language outreach being conducted by the GOP Conference is the reason why. The Senate effort has been OK, helped by the immigration debate. The House GOP conference has even hired staff just for this effort this year, which flies in the face of the goal of official English (taxpayer dollars should not be going towards multilingualism in government, especially partisan multilingualism).

But, thanks for highlighting this ad! It is, as you say, "nauseating."

Suzanne Bibby is Director of Government Relations at ProEnglish





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