How The Media Lies On Behalf Of Illegal Aliens
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It is not ignorance, but malice that motivates the media when they lie about illegal aliens. Case in point, CBS 4 Denver, who have been reporting on the illegal act by Colorado to issue identification and driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Illegal because it is a violation of Federal law to assist an alien unlawfully present to remain in the United States, Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324. Identification cards and driver's licenses do that, of course.

But back to the media, here CBS 4 tells us that these illegal aliens aren't really illegal, because they are applying to be U.S. citizens.

CBS 4 July 2, 2014

Non-Citizen Driver’s Licenses Bogging Down Colorado DMV

DENVER (CBS4)- A new kind of driver’s license for non-citizens will soon be available but even before the Department of Motor Vehicles can issue them, advance requests are clogging up the system.

And here is the lie or series of lies:
Those without a Social Security number, including illegal immigrants, are eligible for driver’s licenses or identification cars if they can prove they live in Colorado, have been paying taxes and have applied for citizenship.
All of that paragraph is a lie. First, they do not have to prove they live in Colorado. All they have to do is sign an affidavit and provide counterfeit documents that suggest they live in Colorado
Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (CO-RCSA SB251)


Must sign an affidavit that the applicant has been continuously a resident of Colorado for the immediately preceding twenty four months AND present evidence of residency in Colorado for the immediately preceding twenty-four months.

So, there is no proof of residence, such as tax records required, but only a nebulous "evidence" of residency which can easily be counterfeited.

Second, with regard to paying taxes, there is no requirement to provide proof they paid income taxes in the law or the instructions to applicant.

Third, the article claims that applicants must have applied for citizenship. No such requirement exists, first because illegal aliens can't apply for citizenship, but that is not what the law says.

Must sign an affidavit that the applicant has applied or will apply as soon as the applicant is eligible for lawful presence within the U.S.
The law says that the alien must only sign an affidavit that they have or will apply, not for citizenship, but for "lawful presence," whatever that means. The implication is that an alien will someday apply for legal permanent residency, but that is not the same as legal presence. The real weasel words though are "...will apply as soon as the applicant is eligible..." which is for most illegal aliens, never.

What the CBS 4 has done was cover for the obvious lies and misdirection in the law, implying that the illegal aliens who apply are soon to become legal anyway and are paying taxes, so it doesn't matter. But the truth is that most illegals will never be able to apply for anything, much less citizenship, nor do they have to prove they paid taxes.

However, it is time though to prosecute every employee of the Colorado DMV for aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

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