RESTORING AMERICA: A New Book By Dr. Michael Hart
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Dr. Michael Hart  is the author of the article How Peter Brimelow Caused Me To Rethink Immigration on, and his books Understanding Human History and The Newton Awards: A History of Genius in Science and Technology  have been reviewed here and here.(He's also spoken at the American Renaissance convention, which is where the photo above comes from.)

Now he's got a new book, published by called Restoring America. Here's Restoring America is about:

Secession? Peaceful secession? Why would patriotic American want to do that? How, in any case, is it possible? Michael Hart lays out the answers in clear expository prose, pinned to reality at every point by historical precedent and scientific fact. The heart of his argument is a separation of the U.S.A., at county, not state, level into a rump "blue" nation purusing current federal policies and a new "red" American Federal Republic (A/F.R.)—'a constitutional republic, with civil liberties fully protected.' The A.F.R. will begin with a new Declaration—Dr. Hart provides a full text—followed by a new Constitution containing clauses to prevent the evils that today threaten our liberties.

Get it from, or order an ebook version here.

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