A Houston Reader Says The Comprehensive Approach To Immigration Is "Deportation"
May 21, 2008, 05:00 AM
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From: Rod Reese (e-mail him)

Re: Today`s Letter: A Houston Reader Says the Chronicle Never Quits Its Immigration Advocacy

Letter writer George Weinbaum quoted from immigration lawyer Jay Aiyer`s (e-mail him) recent op-ed in which he (Aiyer) favored:

 "…A comprehensive approach that acknowledges the reality that we have more than 12 million hardworking individuals here who lack status but play a crucial role in our daily lives." [Stop Making Employers the Immigration Enemy, By Jay Aiyer, Houston Chronicle, May 8, 2008]

The comprehensive approach is deportation.

Illegal immigrants don`t lack status. Their status is alien.

And aliens love this sanctuary city of Houston. Sanctuary cities are unlawful. But, pandering politicians thumb their nose at federal immigration law.

As a Houston resident I know what everyone else here knows: illegal immigrants are a horrific problem.

Forget all the well-known usage of social services funded from property and other taxes.

A huge part of the alien community`s negative impact includes the great numbers of us who have to hassle with our insurance companies after being hit by an uninsured driver.

The Houston Chronicle is a cut and paste rag of articles from other leftist print media. La Raza and LULAC might write its drivel.

Virtually every day, the Chronicle has a teary-eyed piece about an illegal alien family and how enforcement of our laws is hurting them.

Easy solution, don`t come here illegally.

Reese describes himself as "a committed conservative without a party." His previous letters about genealogy and aliens doing jobs Americans do better are here and here.