A Houston Reader Says The Comprehensive Approach To Immigration Is "Deportation"
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From: Rod Reese (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Houston Reader Says the Chronicle Never Quits Its Immigration Advocacy

Letter writer George Weinbaum quoted from immigration lawyer Jay Aiyer's (e-mail him) recent op-ed in which he (Aiyer) favored:

 "…A comprehensive approach that acknowledges the reality that we have more than 12 million hardworking individuals here who lack status but play a crucial role in our daily lives." [Stop Making Employers the Immigration Enemy, By Jay Aiyer, Houston Chronicle, May 8, 2008]

The comprehensive approach is deportation.

Illegal immigrants don't lack status. Their status is alien.

And aliens love this sanctuary city of Houston. Sanctuary cities are unlawful. But, pandering politicians thumb their nose at federal immigration law.

As a Houston resident I know what everyone else here knows: illegal immigrants are a horrific problem.

Forget all the well-known usage of social services funded from property and other taxes.

A huge part of the alien community's negative impact includes the great numbers of us who have to hassle with our insurance companies after being hit by an uninsured driver.

The Houston Chronicle is a cut and paste rag of articles from other leftist print media. La Raza and LULAC might write its drivel.

Virtually every day, the Chronicle has a teary-eyed piece about an illegal alien family and how enforcement of our laws is hurting them.

Easy solution, don't come here illegally.

Reese describes himself as "a committed conservative without a party." His previous letters about genealogy and aliens doing jobs Americans do better are here and here.

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