A New Jersey Republican Says His Party's Problems "Run Deeper Than Immigration"
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From: Jim Rossi (e-mail him)

Re: Randall Burns' Blog: Republican Panic—And Immigration

The Republican Party's problem with its base runs deeper than its immigration policy.

Republicans ignore or denigrate the economic stagnation experienced by their core members who toil at or below the median income.

Likewise, too many Republicans champion outsourcing and guest worker programs thereby going against the economic interests of a significant part of their base.

The GOP's dismal record on cultural issues like language and diversity coupled with its constant harping, against all logic, about the strong economy makes it the height of arrogance for the Republican leadership to expect party loyalty and support.

The Republican National Committee has a squandered the Ronald Reagan legacy endorses the concept that a rising prosperity lifts all boats.

Randall Burns replies: The immigration issue is the closest thing Republicans have to "low hanging fruit" that their leadership can grab onto rapidly.

But even if the party maximizes immigration, all that will do for now is buy time as it considers its options for major reconstructive surgery.

As for Reagan, I'm not that charitable towards him. He's an example of a politician who forfeited future generations for short-term rewards.

Reagan's economic policies worked briefly but the inevitable results were greater wealth concentration among the already rich.

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