A Houston Reader Reports That Black Colleges Are Suffering Because The Ivy League Is Grabbing All The Half-way Competent Students
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From: George Weinbaum [Email him]

Businessweek  warns us of "The College Endowment Gap". It notes, "HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] were created for the most part after the Civil War to educate students who were barred from white institutions. In the 1960s, about 90 percent of black college students attended HBCUs, both public and private, but today the schools enroll just 21 percent of black undergraduates. ... The wealthier a school's endowment, the more money it has to both attract students and to provide them with the funding and academic services to get them to graduation". [Historically Black Colleges Try to Catch Up as Rich Schools Get Richer | Of the 90 schools with billion-dollar endowments, not one is an HBCU, By Kate Smith, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, July 18, 2017]

Could it be the students who attend HBCUs today have no business in college at all? I suspect most of these students should not have graduated high school.

The racists who run: Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, et. al., can fix this gap. How? Admit fewer black students. I suspect 85-90% of the blacks at these colleges would not have been admitted if they were white. When the Sheila Jackson Lees, Michelle and Barack Obamas and their like no longer fill the Ivy League, this newest "Gap" will be reduced.

Elite colleges admission procedures are racist. We know this because they damage the HBCUs.

Close the gap! Now!

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