A Reader Finds The Weekly Standard Weak, And Rick Perry's Excuses Weaker
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

In the October 10 Weekly Standard, J.V. Last writes in support of in-state tuition for illegals.[Defending the Defensible] I wrote the following e-mail to him. I hope VDARE.com exposes his shoddy thinking as well:

Mr Last,

You really defended the indefensible in your article. I am on the verge of terminating my subscription to the Weekly Standard as a result of the article. If your figures are right, the people of Texas will lose 1,449,536,000 in out-of-state tuition over the four-year undergraduate career of the 16,000+ illegals currently studying there. A Billion and a half dollars for people who should not even be in this country. It is a disgrace that you defend this insane program, programs like it are what is bankrupting this country. I wonder what they are throwing away in California and other states that are likewise "compassionate." A basic core belief of Anglo-American law is that a criminal (an illegal alien) should never be able to enrich himself as a result of his crime. Giving in-state tuition to illegals breaks this core belief.

James Fulford writes: J. V. Last tries to defend the (really) indefensible attitude of Rick Perry by pointing to the abominable Plyer v Doe decision, reminding us that Reagan signed the 1986 amnesty, and then saying "Texas schools are funded largely by the state sales tax, which everyone—both legal and illegal residents—pays. (Texas has no state income tax; most revenues come from consumption taxes.) Republicans argued that, as a matter of fairness, illegal immigrants had been funding the colleges just like everybody else." Yes, with mone stolen  from American workers.

It's true that even if you're working off the books and living in a colonia,(a Texas shanty town) you have to pay sales tax. But not much. Illegals are not net payers of any kind of tax.

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