A Hispanic-American Patriot Says Even Illegals Don't Want More Illegals
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From: An Anonymous Patriotic Hispanic-American [Email her]

I am an American citizen of Hispanic heritage and I am fluent in Spanish. I have had the opportunity to speak with illegal aliens and those who were amnestied in 1986. Two illegal alien young women told me they wished illegal aliens would stop coming because they keep lowering wages for those who are already here. Three amnestied men told me they don't have to become U.S. citizens because their children are born here and they are U.S. citizens. They told me with amnesty they are free to come and go to "their country" without a hassle.

U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent are like anybody else. If they are poor, they vote Democrat because Democrats give the most freebies. If they are more educated and earn a better living, they vote Republican. Corrupt politicians and the pro illegal immigration groups have perpetuated the myth of the Hispanic Vote and the Hispanic Community. Neither one exists except in the minds of politicians and pro illegal alien organizations. Hispanics don't think like a monolithic entity. They are just like everybody else.

American Hispanics don't want illegal aliens here. They lower work standards and wages. They also lower academic standards in schools and bring bilingual education and loyalty to Mexico. According to one lady with whom I spoke, illegals "trash neighborhoods" and bring crime.

Bottom line, even illegal aliens don't want any more illegal aliens here. So, why are politicians pandering to Hispanics? Moreover, being Hispanic is not a race, it's an ethnicity. Hispanics are white, brown and black. Each Latin American country has its own culture. There is no such thing as the "Hispanic Culture."

We are being fed lies about Hispanics.


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