A West Texas Reader Says More Confederates Are Going Down The Memory Hole In Houston
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Re: Peter Brimelow's article Time To Rethink Martin Luther King Day, 2016

From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

The link below tells of the Houston "Independent School District" (HISD) board voting to do away with some of its Confederate-related school names.

First it was school mascots, now it's the names of the schools themselves.   The Houston ISD Board of Trustees has approved a plan to change the names of four schools named after Confederate figures.  Henry Grady Middle School, Richard Dowling Middle School, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Middle School, and Lee High School will all have to change names.  Four other schools named for Confederate figures—Albert Sidney Johnston Middle School, Sidney Lanier Middle School, Jefferson Davis High School and John Reagan High School—were removed from the list to allow more time for input from the community.  The push for the name changes originally began last summer.

The final 5-4 vote came after more than an hour of impassioned public comment both for and against the proposals.  One woman said, "We will be making things better now and we will be shaping the history that people will one day read about us—I encourage you to change these names...my time is up and so it the Confederacy's! [Links in original.]

Four HISD Schools to Change Names | All Named After Confederate Figures, By Corey Olson, KTRH, January 15, 2016

Antonio López de Santa Anna, who executed 342 Texan prisoners at the Alamo, has a better chance of having a Texas school named after him than Jefferson Davis.We may take cold comfort the vote was 5-4, rather than unanimous. At least one board member spoke up to say the board had more pressing matters. I shudder to think of what names will be adopted in place of the censored names. Hugo Chavez Middle School? Fidel Castro Elementary? General Santa Anna High School?

There is one reason this is happening. As other VDARE letter writers have noted, mass immigration has "transformed" Houston from a pleasant and safe Southern city with a distinctive Texan/Southwestern identity, can-do culture, and civic involvement to just another bland "international" sprawl of mushy multi-culti mish-mash, suffering increased crime, with its former positive culture shoved aside by new arrivals who have little connection here and little to no civic concern.

Figures from Rice University show Houston was 70% "Anglo" in 1970, in 2010 it was 33% "Anglo".

The report by Rice U. (the Kinder Houston Area Survey) blathers on about "trends that are rapidly refashioning the social and political landscape" as if said trends were a natural occurrence instead of forced.

Of course no mention if American citizens ever asked for our identities to be destroyed by foreigner.

The ideal number of immigrants each year is ZERO.

We should also begin a vigorous program to repatriate recent arrivals back to their homes and families in other countries. Pay them a bonus, it will be a net economic/cultural gain for both sides.

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