A Georgia Reader Sees Propaganda In The New York Times` Coverage Of Postville Immigration Raids
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05/14/08 - An Iowa Reader Tells Postville's Side Of The Immigration Raids—Since The MSM Won't

From: Ryan Murphy (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An Iowa Reader Tells Postville's Side Of The Story—Since The MSM Won't

Not only did the local Iowa media neglect the full story of the Postville raids, so too did the major daily newspapers throughout the country.

The New York Times added more details about the raid that resulted in 300 arrests. [Hundreds Are Arrested in US Sweep Of Meat Plant, Susan Saulny, New York Times, May 13, 2008] 

But—and importantly—the Times story is misleading in two places.


"Federal officials leased an expansive fairground area in nearby Waterloo to process and house the arrested workers. Among people at the fairgrounds and in Postville, 'there is a lot of fear,' said Prof. Mark A. Grey, who focuses on immigration at the University of Northern Iowa." (e-mail Grey)

While this statement may be true on its surface, one can point out it is only the illegal aliens (and maybe plant owner Aaron Rubashkin) who would have any reason to be afraid.

I have no doubt the Americans in Postville are tickled pink, in view of the problems the illegal alien colony has caused them in terms of crime, social costs and cultural disruption. 


" 'It's absolutely devastating to the local economy,' Professor Grey said."

Seeing how this plant uses illegal aliens, the only impact it would have on the local economy would be that which exists only to serve the needs of the illegal aliens.

I don't believe for one minute that the American population of Postville is hurt by these arrests in any meaningful way.

Kudos to ICE for finally going after Rubashkin's unlawful enterprise.

Rubashkin, who should be criminally charged, may now wish that he had hired Americans at a decent wage.

Joe Guzzardi comments: NYT reporter Saulny quotes Grey liberally for her story. She doesn't, however, offer the opinions of others—like us—who view the raid and arrests as a triumph for immigration enforcement. Saulny also identifies Grey innocently as a mere "professor" when, in fact, he is a well-known and long-standing advocate for open borders. Grey is the Director of the Iowa Center for Immigration Leadership and Integration and has a website dedicated to training and "welcoming" the (illegal) immigrant workforce.

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