A Reader in Dubuque, Iowa, Says A Muslim Youth Camp Is Meeting Heartland Resistance
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From: A Reader In Dubuque, Iowa

There is a plan underway to build a Muslim youth camp in North Liberty, Iowa, which is in Johnson County. Iowa City and the University of Iowa are in Johnson County.

The Corps of Engineers granted permission for the construction of the camp at the former site of a Girl Scout camp.

Local residents have been opposed for several reasons. The Johnson County Supervisors did not grant any local funds for a token donation that was requested by the Muslim youth camp people.

James Fulford writes: One wonders, aside from religious instruction, a Muslim Youth Camp will have for the campers to do? Riflery was fun when I was a kid, and now there's paintball, (and backpacking, of course) but probably not pottery, which might lead to idolatry.

Seriously, this camp project has been in the works since before 9/11 and there are a number of objections to it. Harvard University's "Pluralism Project" has a page on it, which says that

"Muslim community leaders in the Twin Cities and across the nation have monitored the debate over the camp, and view its approval as a key victory for religious tolerance in post-9/11 America." (July 3, 2003, Star Tribune)

Of course, what they mean is tolerance of Islam—they're not for tolerance as such.

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