A Georgia Reader Offers His Place In Diverse Atlanta To Oregonian Reporter Betsy Hammond
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From: Art Fowler (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: The Unbearable Whiteness Of Portland

I wrote to Oregonian reporter Betsy Hammond (e-mail her) expressing my displeasure at her offensive story about Portland being "demographically out of step with 2009 America" [ In a Changing World, Portland Remains Overwhelmingly White,  by Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian, January 17, 2009]

In 2003, I moved from Portland to Atlanta, Georgia at the request of the major airline I work for.

If Hammond wants to live in a diverse metropolitan area, I suggest Atlanta.

Since arriving here, I've had my car stolen, my home broken into and have been robbed at gunpoint—all by the diverse people Hammond so admires.

Certain sections of Atlanta I dare venture into, even during the middle of the day. Because I fear for my children's safety, I've bought a new house an area that requires me to commute almost eighty miles daily as opposed to the two miles I traveled in Portland.

As soon as it is remotely feasible for me to do so, I will be running back to the Great White Northwest.

If Hammond cares to replace me in Atlanta so she can better enjoy the diverse culture she so yearns for, I'll eagerly to trade with her.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Oregon resident Terry Baker expressed a pro-Portland sentiment similar to Fowler's in his letter to us earlier this week. Read it here.

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