A Georgia Reader Offers His Place In Diverse Atlanta To Oregonian Reporter Betsy Hammond
January 28, 2009, 04:00 AM
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From: Art Fowler (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer`s Blog: The Unbearable Whiteness Of Portland

I wrote to Oregonian reporter Betsy Hammond (e-mail her) expressing my displeasure at her offensive story about Portland being "demographically out of step with 2009 America" [ In a Changing World, Portland Remains Overwhelmingly White,  by Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian, January 17, 2009]

In 2003, I moved from Portland to Atlanta, Georgia at the request of the major airline I work for.

If Hammond wants to live in a diverse metropolitan area, I suggest Atlanta.

Since arriving here, I`ve had my car stolen, my home broken into and have been robbed at gunpoint—all by the diverse people Hammond so admires.

Certain sections of Atlanta I dare venture into, even during the middle of the day. Because I fear for my children`s safety, I`ve bought a new house an area that requires me to commute almost eighty miles daily as opposed to the two miles I traveled in Portland.

As soon as it is remotely feasible for me to do so, I will be running back to the Great White Northwest.

If Hammond cares to replace me in Atlanta so she can better enjoy the diverse culture she so yearns for, I`ll eagerly to trade with her.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Oregon resident Terry Baker expressed a pro-Portland sentiment similar to Fowler`s in his letter to us earlier this week. Read it here.