A Frustrated Patriot Says The Republican Leadership/Conservatism Inc. Must Be Closely Watched
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From: A Frustrated Patriot [Email him]

It is clear to me that it will be the response of the Republican leadership to the Obama amnesty that will determine whether we still have a functioning republic in America. I have nothing but contempt for Obama and the Democrats. They have been traitors to the historic American nation and I have no expectations from them except malice.

However, if the Republican leadership behaves similarly, either by refusing to do anything about this amnesty or downplaying its effects, I will know clearly that our nation has been bought and paid for by those with money hostile to the American people. It is a watershed event.

Watch Boehner. Watch Fox News. Read the Wall Street Journal. And most importantly, listen to the Roves, the McCains, and the Bush crowd. We will soon learn whether we have anything or anyone left to rely upon. And if not, it is time to get angry.

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