A Friendly Reader Points Out An Error About Goldwater And Civil Rights, We Fix It
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01/30/11 - A Washington State Reader Says The Ground Has Shifted Under The Treason Lobby's Feet, And They're Tottering

From: David Rogers [Email him]

Re: The Fulford File, By James Fulford "They'll Think You're Signaling"! Dog-Whistles From Goldwater To Reagan To Palin

James Fulford wrote:

"If little things like Goldwater desegregating the Arizona National Guard, Goldwater voting for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, or Goldwater fighting for years on the American side in World War II, couldn't stop Schorr from calling Goldwater a Nazi, what can we do?"

But I thought Goldwater voted against, on principled Constitutional Grounds.  So I followed the link (thanks, BTW).

Sure enough, as I had remembered, Goldwater did vote against the 1964 Civil Rights Act (unlike the vast majority of his fellow partisans).

But there is plenty more to praise about AuH2O.  Thanks for all you do!

James Fulford writes: I knew that! See Ramesh Ponnuru Wrong, Again, (Guess Why) On Civil Rights. And I have now corrected it in my articles page. I apparently forgot it under deadline pressure. I'm printing this kind letter to remind me not to forget things like this, and to point out that, unlike Greta Van Susteren, whose blog still  contains  a false accusation  against Jared Taylor, if we make a mistake, we fix it. 

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