A Florida Medical Doctor Objects To Spurious Sanctions Statistics
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From: Scott Geller, M.D. (e-mail him]

Re: Pat Buchanan's Syndicated Column WWinners and Losers From a Pharaoh's Fall

It's one thing when the lame stream media continues to print debunked statistics. It's another when Pat Buchanan in his latest column repeats the same misinformation, stating half a million Iraqi children died prematurely because of US led UN sanctions.

 Read about it here: The Politics of Dead Children | Have sanctions against Iraq murdered millions? By Matt Welch, Reason Magazine, March 2002.

James Fulford writes: Welch says the answer to the question in the subtitle is "no", and he's probably right. We're not responsible for fact-checking the syndicated columns, though we try to intercept errors.

However, Pat didn't say that the US had done all that. He said "the Arabs say" all this:

"The Arabs say we support despots who deny them the rights we cherish. They say we preach endlessly of human rights but imposed savage sanctions on Iraq for a dozen years before 2003 that brought premature death to half a million children. They say we use our power to invade countries that never attacked us. "

I may read Welch's column, and be convinced, but try getting an Arab to do that.

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