A Washington State Reader Says The Ground Has Shifted Under The Treason Lobby's Feet, And They're Tottering
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01/29/11 - A Reader On The Rule Of Propinquity In The Art Of Slurring And Slandering

From: Jeremy Dunn (e-mail him)

Re: Gabrielle Giffords, Larry McDonald, Sarah Palin—And The Profound Instability Of American Politics, by Peter Brimelow

Imagine my shock as I looked in the back of the Everett [WA] Herald and found a story relating as to how the Washington State budget was finally starting to cut services for illegals!

Bills are being introduced to require legal residency proof to get a driver's license. Naturalization classes will be cut and so will transfer of  illegal immigrant inmates in prison to federal custody.

The two biggest proposals for the next two-year budget are stripping medical coverage for 27,000 children whose legal status is unclear and eliminating the State Food Assistance Program. Both of these cuts will save about $105,000,000. OneAmerica, the states largest advocacy group sent an email saying "In one year, Washington State has gone from a leader on immigration to a hostile environment for immigrants and their families." [Budget cuts force state deeper into immigration issue, By Manuel Valdes, AP, Everett Herald , January 30, 2011]

I should hope so. This is indicative to me of a real change in attitude, because I can guarantee you that Governor Gregoire, Senator Cantwell and our other revolting liberal stereotypes would never devote a second to consider any of this unless there were severe pressures upon them.

I was at a public meeting that the governor had to ask for public input on how to fix the budget and I laid into them on how illegals were never being considered. I was one of two public speakers that got massive applause. I would be vain to think that I single-handedly changed her attitude but I am sure that there have been other unreported instances that clued her in that the public anger is a real thing not to be ignored.

Hang in there folks and keep raising hell!

Jeremy Dunn's previous letter was on immigration raids.

James Fulford writes: I have often said that politicians will feel the heat a lot faster than they'll see the light, and it looks like the heat is on in Washington State.

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