A Former New Jersey Resident Explains Why She Left Chris Christie's State: Illegal Immigrants
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Re: Washington Watcher’s article Don’t Let Chis Christie’s Tough Guy Act Fool You—He’s Terrible On Immigration And Protecting American Workers

From: A Former New Jersey Reader [Email her]

Washington Watcher is absolutely right about Chris Christie. I am one of the many millions of New Jersey transplants who have moved out of NJ as soon as we got the chance. New Jersey is now almost a totally majority minority state. There are billboards in Spanish offering health insurance. There are cities where hardly anyone speaks English. I actually saw signs in Spanish in a major school district parking lot. There were no signs in English.

The welfare, Medicaid, food stamp, etc. costs are enormous. New Jersey has long been a favorite migration state for illegals, but it is geographically one of the smallest states. New Jersey now is totally over-run with illegals. The cost of supporting illegals is what has driven many tax paying residents out of state.

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