A Florida Reader Is Glad To Hear Rush Limbaugh "Channeling Pat Buchanan"
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s’s article Donald Trump, Sam Francis And The Emergence Of The Alternative (“Dissident”) Right

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

James Kirkpatrick: "Because it’s not illegal immigrants who are going to be coming out of the shadows. It’s us."

Another great article by Mr. Kirkpatrick and a solid gold ending. I am going to steal it!

It is such a pleasure to listen to Rush channel Pat Buchanan more and more everyday. [Nationalism Trumps Conservatism Says Limbaugh, WND, January 20, 2016] He has been on fire lately. Only a couple of years ago he talked about cigars and football half of the time. I can remember weeks going by without a single reference to immigration. In 2013, I actually believed Rush had gone to the other side as he would mention we should keep the illegals—just not give them the vote. Now, since about the time Eric Cantor got torpedoed by Dave Brat, Rush has been talking about immigration more and more every day.  I think he reads you and the other writers on VDARE every day. I know I do.

Maybe it is why I am smiling more every day.  Thanks for fighting.

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