A Former Floridian Says That There Is "No Job In America That Can't Be In-Sourced, Out-Sourced Or Off-Shored"
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From: "Fled From Florida"[ Email him]

Re: Engineer in Alabama's letter: First They Came For The Janitors

Engineer in Alabama's letter is a stark reminder to all readers that there is no job in America that can't be insourced, outsourced or offshored. I have contemplated switching careers  from a faltering IT tech career  to radiologic technology. But one of VDARE.com's intrepid columnists, Paul Craig Roberts, was recently interviewed on infowars.com and brought up the outstanding point that radiologic technology  is a highly out-source-able profession nowadays, considering that films can be emailed and read by an Indian completely unfamiliar with the patient's circumstance some 8,000 miles away.

I know many haughty American women who think that their nursing jobs are secure because they dominate the only viable part of the economy left in America. However this excerpt from a New York Times Econo-blog and its implied mindset (January 19, 2010) should sound quite chilling to both provider and patient.

"First, the United States should allow free immigration for all qualified nurses, doctors and medical technicians whose wages exceed $75,000 a year. Such an increase in supply may not stop health care costs from rising, but it will prevent them from rising even faster with a potential upsurge in demand. Doctors and nurses will not necessarily welcome this foreign competition any more than others do, so we should beware of their defining "qualified" in too restrictive a manner." [Can Immigrants Solve Our Health Care Problems?, By Aaron Edlin And Dana P. Goldman]

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