A California Reader Writes On The Slave Power
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01/06/11 - A Former Floridian Says That There Is "No Job In America That Can't Be In-Sourced, Out-Sourced Or Off-Shored"

From: Theodore Van Oosbree [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's response to A Canadian Reader Points To an Earlier Example Of Cheap Labor

James Fulford must get a lot of flak from League of the South types when he discusses past exploiters of cheap labor (e.g., the Slave Power). Don't you know the civil war (er, War Between the States) had nothing to do with slavery, it was all about tariffs? Just kidding! Keep up the good work (and I also like that he is not an enthusiast for eugenics)!

James Fulford writes: I think even the most sincere Southern Partisan would admit that the cheap-labor thing didn't end happily.

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