A Former Census Employee Notes, Once Again, Hmong SSI Use
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Here's an article about a Hmong busted for tax fraud—the guy alludes to rampant fraud among the Hmong:

"Lor told the people they were owed a refund, according to prosecutors. In some cases he took them to the Social Security office to get statements of their benefits. Those statements were attached to their tax form, effectively insuring the scheme would be discovered by the IRS. Lor's father, Vue Lor, said he wasn't sure his son understood what he was doing.

" 'Especially in our culture, mostly elderly, like old people, they really need the young people, who speak English very well,' he said. 'Everybody they come to my son's house and beg him to help them out to do the tax income.'"

"He said that he'd seen other people in other states where he'd lived reporting SSI income similarly and getting refunds." [Man pleads guilty in tax scheme  |PHONY RETURNS: Scam took advantage of Hmong elderly, bilking IRS out of thousands. By Julia O'Malley, Anchorage Daily News, August 8, 2008]

This jibes with my observation as a Census taker.  [A Census Bureau Employee Adds SSI To SS, June 18, 2003] Certain ethnicities tended to be avid fans of SSI, but didn't seem disabled to me.

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