A Former Border Patrol Agent Says Illegal Entries Are Up, Morale Is Down...And Patriotic Agents Are Retiring
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From: A Former Border Patrol Agent [Email him]

I was talking with some former colleagues the other day. Right now, the Rio Grande Valley Sector is getting 2,500 aliens a day. Del Rio Station (in Del Rio Sector) has approximately 45 Border Patrol Agents on each shift. Of the 45, 30 stay in to process/feed and transport illegal aliens surrendering at the border and about 15 agents go out and actually "patrol". I put patrol in quotes because a lot of what they are doing is just picking up illegal aliens to transport back to the station where they are then either processed and released or sent back to Mexico to try to cross the border again.

Right now, all the camps (the detention facilities set up to house illegal border crossers) are sitting empty. Trump's Title 42, a Trump administration order that allows “the expulsion of recently arrived people under Title 42, Section 265 of the public health law that aims to prevent the spread of the coronavirus” is still in effect. That means that illegal aliens who are caught can be sent back to Mexico. Of course, they just turn back around and try to cross again, and again, and again, until they make it in.

Drugs and the number of gotaways (illegal aliens who gotaway without being caught) are through the roof. Border Patrol morale is non-existent.

Many of the illegal aliens are trying to make it in before Biden revokes Title 42 because once the Title is revoked, then they will be processed and detained. Of course, there are so many crossing that it will quickly fill up the detention facilities and then they will be released into the United States anyway, but the illegal aliens are worried that they will be one of the unlucky few who might actually be detained and deported.

Rumors are that more and more Border Patrol Agents are seeking to retire. That's no surprise. Those that are remaining on the job are those who are not eligible for retirement yet and those who never believed much in the job anyway, they were only after the paycheck.

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