A Floridian Reports On "Spring Day Holiday" In Tampa
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Re: James Fulford's  article Is There A War On Halloween—Or Just A War On Regular Americans?

From: A Floridian [Email him]

James Fulford wrote on Halloween

In the tweet below, from what I promise is a parody account, Thanksgiving and Halloween appear under false names, like Christmas appearing on a school calendar as “Winter Holiday.”
Know what they call Good Friday in Tampa? Spring Day Holiday!

James Fulford writes: A quick Google shows that the City of Tampa has been doing this since at least 2007, without saying why, and that this mythical Spring Day Holiday is a movable feast regulated by the same traditions as Good Friday—based on the Paschal Full Moon, et cetera—but seems to regulate city services like garbage collection.

Presumably .someone in Tampa complained—other communities across the United States celebrate  Good Friday under its real name.

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