A Florida Reader Thanks Brenda Walker And VDARE.com
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog post Limbaugh Hits Immigration Mess–Another Ingraham Effect?

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

Ms. Walker hit it out of the park. I am a Democrat and liberal on many issues, but reluctantly listen to many talk radio conservatives who are the only ones in the media to ever throw me a bone on immigration. I want less immigration. The bone I usually get thrown has no meat on it, almost always it is just a “secure the border” bone from Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, etc., to distract the rubes and boobs.

Rush is a wonderful political analyst, and I think he truly understands immigration, unlike most of the other pundits who are Cliff Clavins on immigration, but he rarely focuses on immigration in any meaningful manner.

I think the unexpected avalanche of Drudge immigration postings and the rise of Ingraham who has bravely planted her feet firmly on the issue of LESS immigration, both illegal AND legal, and truly understands immigration and has no problem communicating, may have signaled to Rush a change in the wind.

I watched Bill O'Reilly last night, another Cliff Clavin immigration expert, actually admit to Ingraham he was wrong on immigration and the border and she was right. I also witnessed a Miami media host, Helen Ferre, who is a La Raza puppet and smirking and haughty Reconquista, actually state we need E-Verify.

The light that is starting to come through the cracks may hurt my eyes it has been dark so long.

Kudos to Ms. Walker for her article, it made me laugh out loud at 6 AM while I was reading it thinking of Rush rushing to get in front of the parade. The other weasels cannot join him soon enough.

Also, I have never mentioned it, or at least not enough, but I can't think of a single regular writer on your site who is not equal to or better than any reporting I read in any other media outlet. I learn new facts and am confronted with new ideas every week on VDARE.com.

Often the political analysis is far ahead of everyone else. Of course, this knowledge of immigration makes me feel extra sad for people like Brit Hume who embarrassed himself by throwing a hissy fit when Cantor lost on immigration because, to paraphrase Brit, "Cantor never was in favor of amnesty as defined by the dictionary definition of amnesty."

Having been schooled on VDARE.com, I could only feel pity for Mr. Hume for exposing his cluelessness on immigration to the world.

I don't agree with everyone on VDARE.com, but nearly everything I have learned about immigration has come from the VDARE.com contributors. Thank you and all of your writers very much.

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