A Florida Reader Sees McDonald's Propaganda—And Isn't Lovin` It
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01/08/07 - A Texas Reader Is Angry At A Houston Chronicle Editorial

L. Ingersoll writes from Florida:

Am I the only one who is highly offended by the recent McDonald's commercial that depicts young people in a dingy black and white scene holding Pesos sign while a guy is suiting in a sunny lawn chair eating a dollar burger, and he looks over and waves that Pesos people over to the sunny side, and they just walk thru the screen and become the sunny dollar burger eating people?

This just struck me as McDonalds is encouraging illegally crossing the border. I sent them an email telling them I won't eat there anymore. (Like they care). I just want to know if I am the only one that saw that commercial in that light?

VDARE.COM Note: McDonalds is certainly very multicultural—see here for what that's like. And while we haven't seen this commercial, the company that has 365 Black, LoMcXimo, and i am asian web pages celebrating diversity, may be celebrating illegal immigration, too. Of course, it's  likely in support of their "Dollar Menu"—the dollar is the only thing that some corporations understand.

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