A Florida Reader Says There WAS An Anti-Globalist Billionaire!
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Re: Washington Watcher’s blog post Harold Simmons, R. I. P., But GOP Mega-Donor's Influence On Immigration Debate Won't Be Missed

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

I read Washington Watcher’s post about billionaires placing their foot on the necks of those wanting less immigration. I have always been puzzled why so few rich seem to be on our side of the argument. I have lately realized those Open Border billionaires are for the destruction of our country because they are mostly globalists and not truly of our country, unlike the rich capitalists who supported restrictions on the last wave of immigration in the 1920s, and who saw themselves as Americans first. One of your commenters called such people AINOs, Americans in name Only. This is a good name for those who we are fighting.

But there actually has been a billionaire on our side, as far as I can tell, and most people are unaware he even existed. His name was Sir James Goldsmith.

He wrote a wonderful book called The Trap, which warned us about globalism and the derivative scam and immigration.

"...nations need new blood and new ideas. But they can only absorb a limited amount at a time. They cannot allow themselves to be overwhelmed by immigration otherwise they will lose their identity and cease to be nations. Newcomers who are welcomed into a nation should want to honour and respect the customs of their new home. They must not step on shore or over the border and reject the national culture. If they do, the inevitable results are hostility, intolerance and conflict." The Trap,, page. 59

For those of you interested in globalism, and our enemies. he gave an enormously prophetic and highly spirited and motivational interview warning against the pure evil of globalism on Charlie Rose a few years before he died.

We need more rich like him and very soon.

More people should know about Goldsmith and his warnings of globalism.

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