An Alabama Reader Reports Hate Cartoonist Ted Rall Criticizing Cheap Tech Labor From The Left
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From: Engineer in Alabama [Email him]

Cartoonist Ted Rall had a great article on STEM majors...especially at the end.  You might want to link to this on your site, or something. Here’s the best part:

If America wants STEM majors from America, it ought to stop importing them from overseas. “When the companies say they can’t hire anyone [for STEM jobs], they mean that they can’t hire anyone at the wage they want to pay,” Jennifer Hunt, a Rutgers University labor economist, said in 2012. So they outsource STEM jobs overseas and game the work visa program to import cheaper foreign scientists. “Tech companies that import temporary workers, mainly recent graduates from India, commonly discard more expensive, experienced employees in their late 30s or early 40s, often forcing them, as Ron Hira and other labor-force researchers note, to train their replacements as they exit,” reports the Columbia Journalism Review. Until STEM unemployment among Americans is 0%, Congress ought to get rid of the visa program.

Why Don’t Kids Want to Study Engineering? Because Engineering Friggin’ Sucks. December 12, 2013 [Links in original.]

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 James Fulford writes: Ted Rall is a hateful guy. He hates America, and has hated

The Rice one was  arguably more  “racist”—see here for what I mean—than anything you’re likely to read on He’s hated lots of people. Those are just the ones I remembered him getting in trouble for.

He even hates Obama for being incompetent—at being a socialist…

But Rall is a left-wing hateful guy, which means that he doesn’t get Derbyshired”, and still has a column.

Apparently, part of his contrarian leftwing socialism makes him hate the plutocrats who import cheap labor, too, so well done! (In May, Steve Sailer noted that Rall had done a column titled  Immigration Reform is Treason.[May 30th, 2013].)

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