A California Reader Is Tired Of Seeing Amnesty Pushers Called RINOs; They’re AINOs (Americans in Name Only)
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June 25, 2013, 01:14 AM
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 GOP, You Are Warned | Immigration could cause a Republican crackup

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

In my opinion, being opposed to mass immigration/criminal invasion isn’t really a "partisan" issue, or a "Republican" issue. There`s no reason for Republican or Democrat Americans to cede the issue of mass foreign invasion to political parties (they`re scum).

Let`s stop calling these Republican turncoats RINOs and call them what they are: traitors and AINOs (Americans in Name Only). Their agenda is an anti-American cost shift (from employers to taxpayers) and has nothing to do with the voters they purport to represent.

Republicans don`t "own" America—or the immigration "issue".

This is our country, not some political party`s pig farm.

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James Fulford writes:  On December 31, 2004 , David Frum, who’s been good on immigration lately, wrote an NRO cover story titled GOP, You Are Warned | Immigration could cause a Republican crackup.. [Full text here] Sam Francis’s column in response was called Immigration Policy Bad For America!—Not Just GOP.

This is a  point I repeated in 2007 with posts called NR Wobble Watch and More Kaus Vs. NRO. From the last named post:

That`s the point Lowry and National Review seem to be missing—immigration isn`t just about Republicans, it`s about the continued survival of the United States of America.