A Florida Reader Says Only VDARE.COM Speaks For Americans
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From: Mary Louise English [e-mail her]

Re: James Fulford's Column: Email RNC About Martinez Nomination

With the appointment of Senator Mel Martinez (my Senator, I'm embarrassed to say, as I live in Miami) to chair the RNC, both parties have totally capitulated to the open borders tsunami. 

Who, except VDARE.COM speaks for Americans now? 

With the Martinez appointment, Bush has delivered the ultimate slap in the face to Republicans who oppose his immigration "reform"!  

I've written and called Sen. Martinez's office on amnesty. Predictably, I received a lecture about freedom, patriotism, what it means to be an American—from someone who is doing his best to render the term irrelevant. I felt like I'd been patted on the head and told to be quiet while the grownups talked....

Thanks for your columns and for carrying on.

English is a freelance writer born in Maryland.

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