A Florida Reader Says Buy Cameras, Record Anti-Americanism
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From: Robert Moffett (e-mail him)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Blog: Mary Rose Wilcox And Radical Hispanics Evict Patriots

Sanchez's blog about U.S. citizens being thrown out of a meeting for trying to recite the Pledge of Allegiance is upsetting, naturally.

But I am also disappointed that no one had any cameras to record such an amazing event that could have recruited many more patriots to our side.

Imagine the attention that a video of Hispanics insulting Americans would have created.

More of us should discreetly carry a camera to share with others the anti-American ugliness we are constantly exposed to.

The other side has the Main Stream Media; it doesn't need videos.

I recommend a small unit (no bigger than a cell phone) called the RCA Small Wonder and the Flip Video camera. [Buy it through Amazon under $100.] It will fit in your shirt pocket with the lens sticking over the top.

Place a small index card in your shirt pocket to cover the lens. Then just remove the card from the front of your pocket and click on the camera. Even if someone notices the lens, no one thinks about being taped unless they see a camera in your hands.

The camera takes up to an hour of film and is reasonable quality.

The software, included, is flawless. It works on any computer I have hooked it up to and the video it takes is formatted in a size ideal for uploading to YouTube. Any novice can edit the film with Microsoft's Moviemaker.

To give you just two examples of how valuable this tool could be for us remember the flap from the Cohen and Grigsby incident when You Tube posted a tape showing lawyers telling their clients how to work around federal immigration law to hire foreign workers.

And if someone hadn't made a tape of former Virginia Senator George Allen calling an Indian journalist a "macaca", he might still be in the Senate and possibly running for president.

Moffett's previous letters to VDARE.COM about how to file a class action suit against the federal government for failing to enforce immigration law and the colonization of America are here and here

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