A Texas Lawyer Says Increased Sunspot Activity Can't Be Blamed On Illegal Immigration…But A Lot Of Things Can Be
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From: David Rogers (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: WSJ Edit Page Whitewashes The Immigration Problem—Again!

Rubenstein wrote:

"Illegal aliens are on the rise, but so are mortgage defaults, obese children, and sunspot activity. Does anyone attribute lower crime rates to those things?"

Well, no.  But there is a relationship between illegals and some of the others listed, especially the rise in obese children and mortgage defaults.

Mexican food is more fattening than traditional American fare (as attested to by numerous scientific studies). 

And the large numbers of Mexican immigrants who don't own homes added to the political pressure for Congress to "do something" about "red lining" that "unfairly" kept those so-called poor, uncredit-worthy buyers out of the mortgage market. 

Doing something, in this case, meant lowering standards so that more unqualified people got mortgages that they defaulted within a few months.

So, yes, Mexican immigration is (partly) responsible for increased obesity and mortgage defaults. 

But it can't be blamed, at least as far as I can see, for an increase in sunspot activity.

Rogers is the policy director and assistant general counsel for the Texas Legal Foundation, a nonprofit conservative advocacy group. In 1981, he was fired from his job as a busboy to make room for an illegal immigrant. 

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