A Florida Reader Predicts The Downfall of Her Senator Mel Martinez
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07/01/07 - A Minnesota Reader Catches the Mainstream Media At It Again

From: Peggy Decker

What a pleasure to see the people win another victory against the traitorous, tyrannical ingrates like Mel Martinez

Martinez came to the U.S. from Cuba and availed himself of the opportunities that he would never have had if had he remained in his native country. 

He became wealthy, privileged and worst of all, Martinez became one of the elites who thinks that he no longer has to answer to the people.

So, what does Martinez do to thank America for welcoming him? He spits in our faces by debasing citizenship, making a mockery of our sovereignty and our Constitution by supporting amnesty, 

Martinez may soon get what he deserves. Floridians have mounted a well-organized movement to recall this traitorous Cuban ingrate who neither deserves to be called an American nor to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. See the details here.

Martinez has shamed every American of Cuban descent who loves this country. 

Decker is a retired teacher.

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