A Florida Reader Asks Why Hispanics Qualify For Affirmative Action
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From:  July Johnson [e-mail him]

Re: Athena Kerry's Blog: ABA Promoting Illegal Law School Quotas?

Kerry makes a good point but doesn't go far enough.

The real travesty is immigrants, legal and illegal, and their offspring being eligible for affirmative action.

The concept of affirmative action was intended to redress past discrimination and slavery against Blacks and American Indians. They were the original and only affirmative action beneficiaries.

It should have been left like that.

A week ago, Blacks were railing against UCLA admission standards because there are so few blacks that can get in. Only 2 percent of this fall's incoming freshman class is Black. [A Startling Statistic at UCLA Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times, June 3, 2006]

Many more Hispanics than Blacks enter UCLA and it's a safe bet most got in via affirmative action. Why should the son of two Mexicans who just got here 20 years ago be eligible for affirmative action and be admitted while my children are denied?

If the G. W. Bush/Senate immigration bill gets passed then we'll have millions more Hispanics who can cut ahead of my children and me at work and university admissions.

This is infuriating especially since most Hispanics in the U.S. arrived here after 1950.

Johnson owned and operated a limousine and taxi business in a large northeastern city for many years. He notes that immigrants, legal and illegal, are magnetically attracted to cash businesses where they can cheat on their taxes.

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