A CT Soccer Mom Reader Confronts Daily News Columnist Prida
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From: (name withheld)

Re: Daily News' Dolores Prida Wants To Suppress VDARE.COM (and Marcus)

To Dolores Prida: How dare you try to stifle debate on such an important issue as immigration and its effects on voting patterns.

Lest you forget, we do have freedom of speech and that applies to analysis of congressional races in addition to spurious attacks on honest intellectuals by the New York Times.

What you've accused these men of is not just "speech", it's fact. Is there such thing as a "hate fact"? Obviously not. You're simply trying to embarrass individuals brave enough to step forward and speak out with different opinions from yours.

Is this how you represent liberal ideas? Have you ever read John Stuart Mill?

DN Columnist Dolores Prida replied:

Obviously you read about my column on VDARE.COM or other such blog. Do you believe anything you hear? Don't you want to see for yourself?

To read actual column, go here.

I'm not trying to stiffle [sic] anything. Debate is good, but there must be rules not just insults and shouting.

Thanks for writing.

CT Soccer Mom countered:

Yes, Dolores, I do believe some things I hear; when they are backed up by facts or at least ideas that align with my life experience. If "rules" involved laws and jail time as a result of "hate speech" like we've seen in other countries worldwide, then apparently you need to look up the word "stifle" in the dictionary.

VDARE.COM Comment: The Daily News had to run a correction admitting that Ms. Prida (email her)inaccurately attributed comments to the subject of her own wrath: Marcus Epstein, author of the "hate fact"-based report Immigration and the 2008 Republican Defeat.

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