A Cornish Reader Says That He's Not Diverse Enough For Ted Kennedy
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From: Martin Stuthridge  <email>

Just a quick note from across the pond, to let you know the problems are the same over here, and to say keep up the good work.

As a matter of interest to you: as a Cornishman, (a term no longer recognized by my own Government,) an ex-serviceman, and retired firefighter who due to my pension and private means, require no work, but would bring in  foreign currency and employment, I can't get a Green Card to retire over there.

I can't even take part in the Green Card Lottery, [for the Diversity Visa],  and to add insult to injury they  class me as an Englishman. Irishmen and Brits from Northern Ireland can enter the lottery. [The Diversity Visa Lottery is a stupid idea, thought up by Ted Kennedy at least partly to get more Irishmen to  America.]

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining I believe as a nation you have every right to allow or exclude who you wish. I do, however, fail to understand the current policy which appears to exclude the very people who started the original colonies.

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