A Colorado Reader Says Deportation Is Practical
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05/27/07 - Hal Netkin Says The "Residency" Requirement For An Alien Amnesty Is More Hogwash

From: A Colorado Reader (born in the now foreign country of Miami).

The continually parroted phrase "it would be impractical to deport the millions of illegal aliens already here" argument is tantamount to a  young patient deciding it would be "impractical" to undergo a proven and effective—if uncomfortable—medical procedure, in order to treat an otherwise likely fatal disease.

Imagine you come down with a treatable form of cancer; your physician tells you that if you do it soon enough, radiotherapy or chemotherapy will have a very favorable chance of arresting the disease, and possibly eradicating it.

He says you may very well feel sick and tired for a time, and you may lose some hair temporarily. You may miss work for a time, but this will pass, and though you may even need repeated treatments sometime in the future, you stand a very good chance of living a full, healthy life thereafter.

But to refuse treatment, he says, will very likely lead to uncontrolled metastasization, and a needless early demise...preceded by a lot of pain and suffering. He reminds you that there's no guarantee, but the treatment is remarkably successful at your stage, and that your life is worth saving.

Deportation of illegal aliens (and prosecution of their willing employers) would not be entirely comfortable. Boo-hoo. Neither is much of the necessary, the urgent, or the worthwhile in life. If we diligently take on the task, in a mere five years or so, America can see the clouds parting, to reveal that we again have a future.

But if we let mindless layabouts tell us we can't do this, and we can't do that (anybody remember WWII, or the Space Program?), then we will succumb to the cancer that is uncontrolled immigration.

And at such an early age!

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