A Connecticut Reader Notes A Case Of Mexican Animal Cruelty In Texas
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From: An Anonymous Connecticut Reader [Email him]

Those SWPL types who are all for animals and Green, and   all that will be sadly surprised by the reality of how animals are treated by Mexicans—and Asians and Africans for that matter. I have to say frankly that the white  race has been the sole custodian of animals being humanely treated.

Brenda Walker has written about this sort of thing and worse in the past.

Bastrop County Horse Abuser May Face Felony Charge

KEYE-TV, December 5, 2012

A horse, involved in a terrible case of animal cruelty, is now recovering at a rescue center in Nixon, near San Antonio.  It was taken there after Bastrop County authorities said its owner got frustrated, tied the horse to his truck and dragged it down the road. 

The search is still on for the man accused of this heinous act. Mariano Resendiz Villafuerta faces one count of animal cruelty, punishable by up to a year in jail. But the lead investigator said he's determined to make sure the punishment fits the crime. He said this was torture of an animal and the charge should be a felony.

“The crime is just too cruel,” said lead investigator, Sgt. Ric Cole. [More]

James Fulford writes: The accused is called Mariano Resendiz Villafuerta, and reporters say that he has no Social Security Number or driver’s license—which means he’s a Mexican illegal alien. So why is he being called a “Bastrop County Horse Abuser”?

Pictures of the  horse’s injuries—it’s recovering—may be seen here [Fox News] or even more graphically here in the Daily Mail. Fox News doesn’t even bother to mention the name of the accused, so readers may think he’s actually a Bastrop County man, rather than a Guadalajara, Chiapas, or Oaxaca man.

Brenda Walker’s coverage of this one issue includes



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