A Reader Writes On Immigrant Riots And The Swedish Media Conspiracy To Cover Up And Whitewash Immigrant Crime
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From: A Reader [Email him]
The allegations by leftists and minorities that the riots by "youths" in Sweden are due to "institutional racism" shows that no matter how much Whites give to such people, enough will never be enough.The editor-in-chief of the Swedish tabloid Expressen has already admitted that the rumored practice of "white pixelization"—coloring the brown or black pixels of accused criminals white in media pictures—had been policy for years, until he said it would stop in 2010. See

Lilla Saltsjöbadsavtalet

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Lilla Saltsjöbadsavtalet is an alleged meeting which is claimed to have occurred at Saltsjöbaden on 21 March 1987, with participants from the "Swedish Journalist Association" (Svenska journalistklubben). In 2007 and 2008, information about the supposed meeting was revealed, where it was said that the participating journalists agreed to follow certain "recommendations":[1]
  • Preferably positively assess and paraphrase Swedish citizens of foreign origin, particularly in the context of youth, sports and artistic activities.
  • For events with an element of diverse cultures preferably interview and visually highlight participants of foreign origin.
  • During a period of five years, systematically tone down the negative effects criminal activity designated by certain races might have on affected populations. (The five-year period is said to further have been extended up to the present day.) [More]
James Fulford writes: I am fascinated to learn that the decision by the Swedish press to suppress reporting on immigrant/minority crime is the result of an actual conspiracy, rather than, as in the US, years of evolution (see my 2007 piece Hate Crimes, Real Crimes, And Relevance) and a general hive-like tendency to think that some things are just not done.

The reason for that is probably the speed with which immigration hit Swedish society—as late as the Sixties, there would have been very little immigrant crime to suppress. I've linked to permanent versions of the Anglosphere Wikipedia pages. A Google search for "vitpixling" leads you to a Swedish Wikipedia page [http://sv.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitpixling] which has already gone down the Memory Hole.

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