A Concerned Reader Catches Dick Cheney Pushing An Old Myth About The Hispanic Vote
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A Concerned Reader [Email him]

Dick Cheney, promoting his new book on Hannity, is using false numbers for the purpose of Hispandering. He talks about the success he and Bush had with the Hispanic vote, something he claims the GOP needs to be concerned about because of “demographic changes. “[VDARE.com note: Demographic changes” is one way of putting it, another is “Bush-Cheney immigration policy.”]

Then he specifically says he and Bush got “44 percent of the Hispanic vote at one time.” (At 5min 40 seconds here.) Wasn’t that debunked years ago?

I think daughter Liz Cheney (running against immigration patriot Mike Enzi) posted a link to this link to the Hannity interview with Dick Cheney on her Facebook page.

James Fulford writes: The 44 percent exit poll myth has been repeatedly debunked, by Steve Sailer:

But it seems very hard to kill. What I don’t understand is why even it were true, they would boast about it, since it represents a landslide the other way.

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