A Colorado Reader Says Barack Obama "Cannot Effectively Communicate" With Whites
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03/27/08 - A California Woman Calls Barack Obama A Sexist

From: Shirley Williams (e-mail her)

VDARE.COM should use its influence to expose as false the extraordinary claim made by the Barack Obama campaign, and surely approved by him, that he possesses special abilities to transcend race, to bridge the racial gap, and to unify all Americans.

Obama stuck a fork in that political meme last week when he used terms like "white resentments" and "typical white person" not to mention his failure to explain the underlying meaning of "acting white" which he used in 2004.

Obama may or may not be the best candidate for president. But he definitely Is tone deaf at best when it comes to describing the diverse white population.

It's a puzzle how Obama could have missed the last twenty years of media messages on which terms to use when discussing race.  But there is no explaining away the fact that Obama simply cannot communicate effectively with "typical white persons."

Whether Obama will become president or not remains to be seen. But if he does he lacks all the gifts needed to bridge the black-white racial gap.

Williams is active in various Colorado-based bridge-crossing efforts. She says: "treating each participant or group similarly is an essential part of closing gaps."

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