A Chicago Reader On Steve Chapman's Treason Lobby Propaganda In The CHICAGO TRIBUNE
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 From: Left Behind In Chicago [Email him]

"Conservative" (yeah,  right) Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman [email him] has written a post election column demanding that the United States cease all efforts to secure our Southern border against illegal immigration.[ A losing immigration strategy | More enforcement? It's a fool's errand, November 18,  2012]

Chapman argues that (any) border security doesn't work, is counterproductive and besides:

 "these (are) striving newcomers, who almost invariably work hard and stay out of trouble"

Chapman is apparently including the Mexican ZETA drug cartel, M13 gangsters, Al Qaeda, or relatives of Chicago Mexican and Central American gangsters (Maniac Latin Disciples, Latin Dragons, Imperial Gangsters, Familia Stones, Satan Disciples, Latin Kings, LaRaza).

Chapman then makes the argument that any (minor) problems the US has with illegal immigration is caused by too much border security, as these people used to just come, work hard, then go home:

"In the old days, most people who came illegally didn't stay for long. They showed up, worked for a while and returned home. But when border crossings became more difficult, perilous and expensive, many of them chose to remain in this country permanently rather than leave and risk not being able to get back.”

I encourage VDARE.com readers to contact Chicago Tribune editors and express strong opposition to Steve Chapman's shameful, deceitful illegal immigration propaganda.

I've had good success contacting the following Chicago Tribune editors and expressing polite, but firm opposition to Steve Chapman's lies. In my case, I am a Chicago Tribune subscriber, but other Vdare readers can't (accurately) present themselves as Tribune "Readers"— as they read the Chicago Tribune online. You can offer to become a paid (not expensive) on-line Tribune subscriber if the editors politely listen to your concerns about illegal immigration, border security.

Here are the Chicago Tribune contacts:

Gerould W. Kern, SVP/Editor

[email protected]

R. Bruce Dold, Editorial Page Editor


[email protected]

Editorials and letters: 312.222.3429 Fax: 312-222-2598 

Jane Hirt, VP/Managing Editor


[email protected]

Joycelyn Winnecke, VP/Associate Editor


[email protected]

Erica Armendariz, Editorial Clerk

[email protected]

Greg Burns, Editorial Board Member


[email protected]

Norma Cochrane, Communications Coordinator, Editorial Message Center

[email protected]

Megan Crepeau, Editorial Board Coordinator


[email protected]

Marie Dillon, Member of the Editorial Board


[email protected]

Margaret "Maggie" Gentilcore, Editorial Coordinator, Metro


[email protected]

Dodie Hofstetter, Member of the Editorial Board and Editor, Voice of the People


[email protected]

Lauren Krause, Editorial Coordinator, TribNation


[email protected]

Susan Marr, Editorial Coordinator, Photo

[email protected]

John P. McCormick, Deputy Editorial Page Editor


[email protected]

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