A Michigan Reader Asks "What's Wrong With Paul Ryan?"
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Re: James Fulford’s Mitt Romney Was An Immigration WIMP, Dammit!

From: Raymond Golich (e-mail him)

Why does James Fulford include a gratuitous attack on Paul Ryan, calling him a “root-canal budget cutter” in his Romney piece? I mean, other than the huge issue of immigration that we VDARE.com readers are attuned to, the biggest problem with our country is that the government is much, much too big and bloated.

Ryan too much a budget cutter? Hell, I’d like to see “Fed-zilla” cut much more than Ryan would ever propose.

Raymond Golich writes from Dearborn, Michigan, now transformed into “Dearbornistan.”

James Fulford writes: Budget-cutting is important, urgent, necessary and inevitable. What it is not is inspirational. A Kris Kobach VP pick would have been as inspirational as McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin was— the Democrats and the press would have gone even crazier than they did over Palin, which is saying something. It might have caused his Hispanic vote percentage to go from 27 percent to, say, 20, and his percentage of the white vote to go from 58, to, say, 65—which would have won.

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