A California Syndicated Columnist Is Disgusted By VDARE.COM; Patrick Cleburne Turns The Other Cheek
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From: Thomas Elias (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: An Elephant Is Blocking Obamacare

I am disgusted that anything I would ever write could end up on a place like VDARE.COM, the very essence of bigotry.

Patrick Cleburne replies: Thomas Elias whose work is published, apparently, "twice weekly in 70 newspapers around California", purporting to discuss public policy issues in a serious way, is upset because I dared to praise one of his recent columns.

A major difficulty is advancing understanding of America's immigration disaster is the hysterical emotionalism about immigration and immigration reformers by many who hog valuable positions in the MSM.

Thus, Elias' silly response in no way detracts from the validity of the point for which I praised him: illegal immigrants are a major contributor to the health care crisis; and until Obama and the Democrats explain how they intend to deal with them, no meaningful assessment of Obamacare is possible. (The same applies to low-income legal immigrants, but it would probably distress Elias too much to think about that.)

Still, I have hopes for Elias. Our friend Steven Steinlight started his immigration-restrictionist career with wild attacks on Peter Brimelow and Alien Nation (probably for the same reason)—and has gone on to do brave and valuable work.

So VDARE.COM readers inclined to e-mail Elias should be polite!

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