A California Refugee Says Indians, Pakistanis Discriminate Against Americans—Just Like Chinese!
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From: Samuel Mercer (e-mail him) 

Re: Today's Letter: A California Reader Says Chinese Immigration Leads To Corporate "Reverse Racism"

Letter writer Jerry Lynch told about how Chinese immigrants protect and promote each other in the work place. But as Lynch may well know, it ain't just the Chinese!

I work in large office building shared by a company that is doing a special defense project.

When I began, the project's employees were mostly U.S. citizens. Since the company is defense-related, everyone had a badge that identified their citizenship.

Then, an Indian/Pakistani manager was hired.

Now the Americans have been replaced and non-citizen Indians are on the task. It's like Bangladesh over there!

It is well known in Silicon Valley that if you show up for an interview and the office is filled with Asians or Indians, don't even bother.  You will never get hired.

Mercer writes that he left California because of "too many taxes, too many rules and too many hippies." He currently lives in the District of Columbia.

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