A California Reader Wonders How CNN Can Let  Maria Hinojosa Report With Such Bias
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A Pentagon Reader Finds Evidence of Illegal Aliens in the Building

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Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: CNN's Maria Hinojosa—Mexican Mouthpiece

I recently read Guzzardi's 2004 article about Maria Hinojosa.  I know it's dated but I wanted to let you know I work as a substitute teacher and one day while I was subbing at a high school, the students were watching this awful CNN documentary hosted by Hinojosa on illegal aliens in Georgia

Hinojosa was so full of herself.  Reading Guzzardi's essay was fun. 

It's just good to know there are others who are aware of this mess in our country. 

How could the news broadcast a report with such obvious bias?

Joe Guzzardi comments: Actually, my Hinojosa piece is still timely because CNN will rebroadcast "Immigrant Nation, Divided Country" this weekend, April 8th and 9th at 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM EDT. The four showings no doubt are intended to tie into the alien demonstrations scheduled for Monday, April 10th.

Tune in if only to see how shockingly slanted Hinojosa is and also to see our VDARE.COM editor D.A. King take it to the aliens who have invaded his home state of Georgia.

By the way, according to an internal network memorandum, Hinojosa left CNN in June 2005 "to pursue other ventures." That turns out to be joining her equally subversive brother Raul in his money transfer business, No Borders, Inc

But there is something very fishy about Hinojosa's departure. In business parlance, when your boss announces you have left your job to "pursue other interests" that means you've been canned.

And are we really to believe that Hinojosa left her high visibility and six figure salary at CNN to go shuffle papers at No Borders, Inc? Interesting too that Hinojosa is not listed on the No Borders, Inc. management team.

Somehow I doubt Hinojosa's exodus happened as described.

For someone as vain as Hinojosa, losing her television presence would be devastating and not something she would do voluntarily.

My money says Hinojosa got fired. I'd like to think it was because CNN felt she was a liability—which she certainly was in our book—but we'll probably never know.

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