A Patriotic Reader Reports On The “Not One More Deportation!” Rally Near The White House
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 From: An Anonymous Immigration Patriot [Email him]

The Illegals’ rally was on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, about a block from the White House.

Truly, the most exciting event at the rally was seeing the stilt woman (dressed as a butterfly, right), legs strapped into the stilts, legs painfully doubled backwards under her, back on the ground, get off her back and up on to the stilts. Wow. That truly made going to the rally worthwhile. What abdominals!

A Patriotic Reader Reports On The “Not One More Deportation!” Rally Near The White House

Six of us, Virginia (2), Maryland( 3) , New York (1) held signs, hoping to talk to main stream press. Yes, we were “piggy backing.”

No more than 200 people attended the rally and that 200 includes all the cops/uniformed police and any plain clothes police embedded in the rally. The police presence was overwhelming. As usual, we were safer than in my backyard.

The Bad News: We did not get any interviews with Main Stream Media.

The Good News: Neither did the Rally. Main Stream Media. did not attend. Google News search finds one (1), only one, article and that is by “LaVOZLatina, the University of Maryland’s only Latino-Interest Publication.”

The LaVOZLatina article is the first I have seen with heavy emphasis on the impact of detention on homosexuals. “…queer people could be denied HIV/AIDS medication.. transgender people can be denied hormone therapy medication or be placed in solitary confinement.” The speaker is a member of QUIP, Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project of D.C.

Here are three of our own signs on two foot by three foot poster board.

  • “End Immigration Now,”
  • “Underemployment for African Americans 20.5%”
  • “Deport Eric Cantor.”
Rallygoers approached for conversations. A shortish woman, black hair, wearing a DREAMers emblazoned T-shirt, walked up and said “Laws are oppressive.” She is right! The conversation stalemated.

The very  last sentence in the LaVOZLatina article is good news.

“A bill that would clarify the parameters of local police participation in federal immigration enforcement efforts was withdrawn last Monday from the state’s legislative session.”
I understand Maryland activist Sue Payne and others played a big role in defeating that Maryland bill that would “clarify” by stopping any local police participation in anything tied to federal immigration enforcement.   Thanks, Sue!

Part of the LaVOZLatina article follows.

Immigration activists rally for deportation relief in Washington D.C., Melanie Balakit, LaVozLatina, April 7, 2014

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of people [VDARE.com note: Exactly two (2) hundreds, see above.] attended an anti-deportation march in Washington, D.C., joining 62 other cities across the U.S. in a national day of action called “Two Million Two Many” on Saturday. The National Day Laborer Organizing Network organized the effort.

Immigration activists convened in Mount Pleasant, located in northwest D.C., and marched about two miles to Lafayette Park in front of the White House.

They called on President Obama to issue an executive order to end deportations of undocumented immigrants until the immigration system is reformed. Activists chanted “¡Ni una más!” or “Not one more!” and held signs that depicted President Barack Obama as the “Deporter-in-chief.”

Several Maryland organizations, including CASA de Maryland, a Latino and immigration advocacy organization, Baltimore People’s Power, a justice advocacy group, and the Disciples Justice Action Network of Annapolis, attended the event.


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