A California Reader Reports On What General Motors Got For Its Cheap STEM Labor Dollar: Chinese Industrial Espionage
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Here’s what GM got when they tried to save money by hiring hardworking immigrant STEM workers: Chinese industrial espionage.

DETROIT (AP) — A former General Motors engineer convicted of stealing thousands of pages of hybrid technology was sentenced Wednesday to just a year and a day in prison, far below the punishment sought by the government in a case that involved her husband and an alleged scheme to take the trade secrets to China…

Federal guidelines called for a minimum sentence of 6½ years for Du and husband Yu Qin, but those guidelines aren't mandatory.

A 366-day sentence allows Du to shave months off for good behavior, meaning her actual time in prison could be only nine or 10 months.[ Judge gives major break in GM theft case, Judge orders relatively short sentences for couple in GM hybrid secrets case,  Associated Press, By Ed White, AP,  May 1, 2013]

I suppose we're stuck with these permanent "security threats" after their release from prison.

Would you hire an engineer who was  looking to immediately steal and take your intellectual property to China?

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James Fulford writes: I think Civil Rights law wouldn’t give me any choice.

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